Program Description

The Master of Science in Accounting degree program consists of 12 classes for 54 quarter hour credits. This program prepares individuals to practice the profession of accounting and to perform related business functions. It includes instruction in accounting principles and theory, financial accounting, managerial accounting, cost accounting, budget control, tax accounting, legal aspects of accounting, auditing, reporting procedures, statement analysis, planning and consulting, business information systems, accounting research methods, professional standards and ethics, and accounting applications to for-profit, public and on-profit organizations.

Program Objective

The objective of the MS in Accounting program is to equip persons seeking to advance in their careers as professional accountants in industry, government, and non-profit organizations with the specialized knowledge and skills demanded of the profession in this dynamic and changing era in business.

Applicants without an undergraduate degree in Accounting or equivalence will be required to complete the following courses with a grade C or better: ACC100 Principles of Accounting I; ACC200 Principles of Accounting II; ECO100 Principles of Economics; and LEG100 Business Law.

Core component 18 credits / 4 courses

  • ACC500 Financial Accounting
  • BUS530 Business Technology and Research
  • ECO500 Managerial Economics and Finance
  • LEG500 Commercial Law

Major component 27 credits / 6 courses

  • ACC504 Advanced Auditing
  • ACC562 Advanced Managerial Accounting
  • ACC563 Advanced Accounting Theory
  • ACC590 *Curricular Practical Training Externship
  • ACC599 CAPSTONE: Accounting (To be taken in last or next to last quarter).
  • TAX580 Advanced Federal Taxation


* ACC590 is selected in consultation with the Program Director

Electives Component 9 credits / 2 courses (select two courses from the following)

  • ACC502 Accounting Information System
  • ACC555 Systems Auditing
  • ACC570 Forensic Accounting
  • ACC575 International Accounting System
  • FIN500 Advanced Financial Management
  • TAX581 Advanced Business Taxation
  • TAX585 International Taxation

In addition, a different course may be selected with approval of the program dean

CPT Externship Extension (optional)

ACC590 – (1–6) CPT in Accounting Externship Extension (0 credits; may only be taken after ACC590)