Program Description

The MSCIS program consists of 12 courses, 54 quarter hour credits, for total of 540 course instruction hours. The courses include three core courses, six major component courses and three electives.

Program Objective

The goal of the Master of Science in Computer Information Sciences program is to develop technical computing skills in our students. Graduates will be able to identify and address technical problems as they relate to all aspects of computer Science, and will be able articulate their approach and findings to other professionals in both written and oral forms. The program emphases strong technical skill and help students develop and demonstrate their ability to communicate effectively in both written and oral formats.

Core Component 13.5 Credits/Three Courses

  • ACC500 Financial Accounting
  • BUS530 Business Technology and Research
  • CIS500 Management of Information Science

Major Component 27 Credits/six Courses

  • CIS510 Data Base Design
  • CIS555 Object Oriented Analysis and Design
  • CIS557 Decision Making Under Uncertainty
  • CIS570 E-Business Tech. and Management
  • CIS590 Curricular Practical Training Externship
  • CIS599 CAPSTONE: Computer Information Science (To be taken in last or next to last quarter).

* This course is elected in consultation with the program director.

Electives/concentration Component 13.5 credits/three courses

Software Engineering

  • CIS530 Computer systems Architecture
  • CIS580 Software Engineering Development
  • CIS582 Current Issues in Software Eng.

Computer Networking

  • CIS552 Info and Comm. Technology
  • CIS554 Fixed Hybrid and Wireless Net
  • CIS556 Data Networking

Cyber Security

  • CIS549 Cloud Computing Environments
  • CIS591 Security in Computing
  • CIS594 Advanced Network Security

Systems Development

  • CIS531 Statistics for IT Managers
  • CIS540 Enterprise Architecture
  • CIS589 Business Process Modeling


  • CIS522 Internet Protocols
  • CIS546 Digital Communication
  • CIS548 Wireless Communication

Project management

  • MGT550 Project Management
  • MGT551 Agile and Lean Project Management
  • MGT552 Integration, Scope & Stakeholders Management
  • MGT553 Program & Portfolio Management
  • MGT560 Time, Cost, Analysis, Human Resources and Procurement Mgt.
  • MGT580 Risk, Quality & Communication Management

Geospatial Business Intelligence

  • GIS580 Geospatial Business Intelligence
  • GIS581 Geospatial Business Analysis and Modeling
  • GIS585 Geospatial Application in Business & Management

Quality Assurance

  • CIS575 Software Quality Assurance I
  • CIS576 Software Quality Assurance II
  • CIS577 Software Quality Audit & Compliance Management
  • CIS578 Quality Management Systems & Solutions
  • CIS579 Computer System Validation and Verification

Health Informatics

  • HCM561 Biomedical Science &Health IT
  • HCM562 Health Informatics
  • HCM563 Electronic Health Records
  • HCM564 Advanced Health Informatics

General Electives

(Permission of Academic Dean Required)

  • CIS581 Digital Transformation
  • CIS583 Current Issues in Management Information Systems
  • CIS585 Compiler Designs and Constructions
  • CIS592 Special Topics in Information Technology
  • CIS593 Special Topics in Data Mining & Data Warehousing
  • CIS596 Interactive Computer Graphics