Program Description

The BSAC program consists of 40 classes for 180 credits. Students who take two classes per quarter may complete the program in five years, or 20 quarters. This program prepares individuals to practice the profession of accounting and to perform related business functions, cost-accounting, budget control, tax accounting and other quantitative methods, purchasing and logistics, organization, and productions, marketing, and business decision-making. All students entering the program should take BUS110 during their first quarter of enrollment.

Program Objective

The program prepares students for entry-level bookkeeping or accounting clerk positions in the business, non-profit and governmental sectors by developing the theoretical and practical competencies necessary for entry-level success. Students will also be exposed to such computerized accounting operations as QuickBooks, TurboTax, and Peachtree.

Professional Core: 31.5 credits / 7 courses

  • ACC100 Principles of Accounting I
  • BUS100 Introduction to Business
  • BUS110 Strategies for Professional Success
  • BUS220 Business Technologies
  • ECO100 Principles of Economics
  • LEG100 Business Law I
  • GIS480 Spatial Business Intelligence OR
  • HCM300 Intro to Health Informatics

Major component 58.5 credits / 13 courses

  • ACC200 Principles of Accounting II
  • ACC240 Managerial Accounting
  • ACC250 Intermediate Accounting I
  • ACC260 Intermediate Accounting II
  • ACC270 Intermediate Accounting III
  • ACC290 Cost Accounting
  • ACC350 Fund Accounting
  • ACC400 Auditing
  • ACC420 Advanced Accounting
  • ACC499 CAPSTONE: Accounting (Taken in the last or next to last quarter of the student’s program)
  • BUS280 Business Ethics
  • TAX101 Principles of Taxation
  • TAX302 Federal Taxation

General Studies 58.5 credits / 13 courses

  • ENG110 English Composition
  • ENG200 Research and Writing
  • MAT100 College Algebra
  • MAT310 Descriptive Statistics
  • POL350 Contemporary International Problems
  • POL400 Geopolitics
  • SCI210 Environment and Health

Humanities: Choose four out of the following courses:

  • HUM100 Introduction to the Humanities
  • HUM110 Origin of Western Culture
  • HUM200 Creative and Critical Thinking
  • HUM230 World Literature
  • HUM400 Philosophy and Religion
  • HUM410 Ethics
  • HUM420 Comparative Religion
  • HUM430 Religion in America

Social Sciences: Choose two of the following courses:

  • ANT200 Introduction to Anthropology
  • PSY100 Introduction to Psychology
  • SOC101 Introduction to Sociology

Electives 31.5 credits / 7 courses

  • Students choose seven of the following courses:
  • ACC302 Accounting Information Systems
  • ACC399 Cooperative Education in Accounting
  • BUS120 Fundamentals of E-Business
  • BUS130 Principles of Management
  • BUS285 Project Management Principles
  • BUS300 Organizational Behavior
  • BUS320 Entrepreneurship
  • BUS350 International Business
  • BUS400 Current Topics in Business
  • GIS481 Geospatial Analysis Modeling
  • HCM350 Healthcare Management
  • MKT360 E-Marketing
  • MKT 410 International Marketing
  • MAT300 Calculus

Course substitutions for the electives stated may be possible with approval of the program dean.

CPT Externship Extension (optional)

ACC399 – (1 – 6) CPT in Accounting Externship Extension (0 credits; may only be taken after ACC399)