Program Description

The Associate of Arts in Accounting program consists of 20 classes, 900 lecture hours for 90 quarter-credits. The program includes six professional core classes, seven business courses, six general studies classes and one elective. This program prepares individuals to practice the profession of accounting and to perform related business functions.

Program Objective

The objective of the AAAC program is to prepare students for entry-level positions in accounting, government and non-profit organizations. A graduate may apply all credits toward the BS degree in Accounting.

Professional Core component 27 credits/6 courses

  • ACC100 Principles of Accounting I
  • BUS100 Introduction to Business
  • BUS110 Strategies for Professional Success OR COM100 Leadership, Strategy, and Communication
  • BUS220 Business Technologies
  • ECO100 Principles of Economics
  • LEG100 Business Law I

Major component 31.5 credits/7 courses

  • ACC200 Principles of Accounting II
  • ACC240 Managerial Accounting
  • ACC250 Intermediate Accounting I
  • ACC260 Intermediate Accounting II
  • ACC270 Intermediate Accounting III
  • BUS280 Business Ethics
  • TAX101 Principles of Taxation

General Studies Component 27 credits/6 courses

  • ENG110 English Composition
  • MAT100 College Algebra
  • PSY100 Introduction to Psychology

Humanities: Choose two out of the following courses:

  • HUM100 Introduction to the Humanities
  • HUM110 Origin of Western Culture
  • HUM230 World Literature
  • HUM200 Creative and Critical Thinking

Science: Choose one out of the following courses:

  • SCI210 Environment and Health OR SCI200 Science and Society

Electives 4.5 credits/1 course

Selected with an approval from the Academic Advisor from the ACC/BUS/ENG/FIN/HUM/MAT/POL/SOC/TAX sections of the catalog, courses numbered 100-200.