What is being said about GIS Technology and Business?

“Throughout my career I have been convinced that the use of GIS technology by businesses would result in better decision-making, increased efficiency, significant cost benefits, and improved customer satisfaction.”

– Jack Dangermond, ESRI President: “GIS in Business”

“In recent years GIS has played a huge role in conducting valid business sustainability analysis while offering managers an amazing tool for understanding business shortcomings.”           

– Stephen Galati, TRC Corporation: “GIS Demystified”

“GIS has moved from the research center to the corporate cubicle, from the scientist’s workstation to the businessman’s PC, from the mapmaker to the manager.”

– David Bowles, ESRI Press: “GIS Means Business”

“As GIS techniques have come to focus on decision support, they have increasing potential for wider use in business, a potential that has yet to be fully realized.”

– Peter Keenan, University College Dublin: “Concepts & Theories of GIS in Business”

“Although 80% of business data is potentially spatially-referenced, opportunities to utilize its spatial aspects are often missed in industry.”

James Pick University of Redlands: “GIS in Business”

“Using GIS to address common business problems enables exciting approaches to making sound business decisions. You can spatially display virtually any database, offering a fresh perspective on business information.”

– Fred Miller, Murray State University: “GIS Tutorial for Marketing”

Companies and agencies, potential employers of ACCT Graduates in Spatial Business Intelligence

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