Distance Education

ACCT offers online courses which may be available to students in their specific program of study. Students should check with their academic advisor and the course calendar for specific online offerings. Students may complete up to 50% of their program of study through online courses.

Students are required to attend and complete the online orientation program module as part of the online course completion requirement. The orientation will instruct students on the use the Moodle Learning Management System (LMS), familiarize students with the discussion rubric, posting, and how and when to submit assignments. Each online course week will begin on Monday and end on Sunday. All online students must satisfactorily complete the orientation quiz as a condition for moving forward in the course.

All online courses are instructed over the Moodle LMS. All assignments are due by the end of each course week. Due dates for each week’s assignment will be set at 11:59 pm every Sunday. Late assignments will lose 10% credit when turned in one week late and 50% credit when turned in two weeks late. Assignments will not be accepted for credit after two weeks. Attendance is predicated on the student’s submission to the discussion board each week.

All communication between the students and faculty will be conducted in news forums. However, instructors may set up e-mail or other communication times and dates. If the instructor chooses to set up additional contact hours, they must be published in the online course syllabus.

Final exams will be proctored online through Examity or on-site at ACCT. Any student caught cheating will receive an F grade or be expelled for repeat offenses.

Any student who accumulates 4 or more absences in the online course may receive an F grade for that course.

Forms of Instruction

ACCT offers both online and on ground courses. Online courses may be available to students in their specific programs of study. Students should check with their academic advisor and the course calendar for specific online offerings. Students may not complete more than 50% of their programs through online courses.

In accordance with SEVP rules, international students may take one on-line course each quarter provided they are enrolled in at least one on-ground, classroom-based course. International students electing this option must be aware that they must maintain attendance and academic progress in the on-ground course in order to remain in status for SEVP purposes. International students who exceed the maximum number of absences will be dropped from that course in accordance with ACCT attendance policy. Once dropped, students will be in violation of SEVP requirements and will be dropped from ACCT enrollment. The standard ACCT refund policy will apply in such cases.