Consumer Information Disclosure
2016 Campus Accountability Report
Falls Church, VA Campus Information
Date: October 28, 2016

Beginning Population: 594
Ending Population: 1,334
Non-Program Enrollment:
*This number is not included in the ending population

Campus Level Standards
Retention: 79%
Placement: 80%
Program Level Standards
Program Name Retention Placement
Accounting (Bachelor’s Degree) 64% N/A
Accounting (Academic Associate’s Degree) 50% N/A
Accounting (Master’s Degree) 81% 100%
Business Administration (Master’s Degree) 79% N/A
Business Administration (Academic Associate’s Degree) 63% N/A
Business Administration (Bachelor’s Degree) 75% N/A
Computer Information Systems (Master’s Degree) 81% 100%
Computer Information Systems (Bachelor’s Degree) 86% 100%
Computer Information Systems (Academic Associate’s Degree) 75% 0%

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