By Viktoriya Yakymenko
ACCT students at GIS Federal ConferenceACCT students along with Dr. Andronikov attended Esri Federal GIS Conference at Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC on February 10–11, 2014. This conference gathered government executives, elected officials, managers, GIS professionals, and NGOs so they can share ideas, discover new patterns, and learn how ?GIS1? can help everyone understand our world and make a difference.

ACCT students had a great opportunity to attend:

• More than 100 Professional Development Workshops
• Five in-depth Immersion Summits for key operational areas of the government
• A dynamic show floor featuring more than 80 partners and their cutting-edge solutions
• Two plenary sessions highlighting the latest in geospatial tech, including a keynote from National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Director Letitia A. Long
• Nearly 12 hours of detailed training exercises at the Hands-On Learning Lab
• Networking Reception at Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History


GIS Achievements Demonstration

The Federal GIS Conference is well known as the largest geospatial technology event for federal agencies that brings together over 2,700 attendees for two days of intensive training and networking. Esri technology helps virtually every federal agency meet its missions, from providing health care and emergency services to managing facilities and natural resources. [Source:]

Vision – Integrating Our Government with Jack Dangermond

A compilation of professional abstracts and presentations delivered at the GIS Federal Conference:

– presentation by Nikki Golding
Esri Global Demographic, Business and Lifestyle Data
– presentation by Cathy Spizzack, Darren Gemoets, Aquilent, Inc.
Geocoding Techniques and Options for US and International Locations
– presented by Lauren Bennett
Geodatabases: An Introduction
– presented by Ralph Denkenberger, Kevin Clemence, DoD
How to Successfully Collect, Analyze and Implement User Requirements
– presented byGerry Clancy, Glenn Berger
Implementing ArcGIS for Facilities
– presented by Don Hong, Craig Cleveland
Make Better Policy Decisions using Esri Community Analyst
– presented by Marcella Cavallaro, Evan Caldwell
Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS
– presented by Joe Bayles
Solving Your Top 10 Production Issues with ArcGIS Extensions
– presented by Eric Ray, Dewey Marino
Thinking Spatially with GIS
– presented by Suzanne Foss, Robert Miller, IC
Using the ArcGIS Landscape Analysis Tools and Services
– presented by Suzanne Foss

Videos from the GIS Federal Conference:

Our Technology with Jack Dangermond

The Living Atlas with Sean Breyer & Suzanne Foss

Landscape Apps  with Suzanne Foss

ArcGIS Pro with Jim McKinney & Thom Oaks

3D Everywhere with Tom Oaks

Sochi Winter Olympics – Leveraging the ArcGIS Platform with Matt Madigan, Jo Fraley, Gary Sheppard, Kevin Sigwart & Brett Rose

Integrating Our Government – Empowering Soldiers with Jason E. Feser, CW4, EN, U.S. Army; Lyle Wright

Integrating Our Real Time Systems – ArcGIS GeoEvent Processor for Server with Adam Mollenkopf, Edward Pultar, PhD, Valarm

Integrating Our Enterprise Systems – Esri Maps for SAP Business Objects with David Schmidtknecht, Joe Schultz & cBEYONData

Integrating Our Policies, Decision Makers & Citizens – How a Map Informs Policy with Cathy Cahill, Legislative Fellow, Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources

Integrating Our Policies, Decision Makers & Citizens – ArcGIS Story Maps with Lauren Bennett

ArcGIS Open Data with Andrew Turner


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