Resources (Print, Online and Media) The American College of Business and Technology (ACCT) promotes information literacy as a necessary skill for human growth and student success in future employment opportunities. Therefore, ACCT maintains a small collection of print items (about 500 catalogued books, as well as a few academic and general interest periodicals). In addition to these, there is a small group of DVDs in the campus library. ACCT subscribes to ProQuest as the College’s online research library and eTextbooks are available through the ACCT website. The campus and online libraries are for the use of students, faculty and staff.

Although the ACCT’s ProQuest subscription focuses on Business, there are also many Information Technology (IT) and general articles in this database that are helpful for student research and assignments. Especially useful are those articles marked “full text”!

Information and Reference These services are offered whenever the library is open. Library use instruction is offered to faculty and their students as a way to guide them in research skills and to learn effective approaches to their assignments.

Circulation Print materials (books and periodicals) as well as media may be borrowed for up to three weeks by completing the Circulation Form. This service is offered free of charge.

Internet Access ACCT and its Library have wireless Internet access so a variety of contemporary devices can easily be utilized. The Library also has desktop computers for student and faculty use.