ACCT.EDU Email Setup

The following steps will walk you through migrating your email from the old email system ( to the new one ( You can only import your old emails from outlook. So you need to make sure that you have Microsoft Outlook in your computer.

If you already have a yourname@acct2day.og email and you want to import your previous emails to, please follow the steps below thoroughly. But if you never had email you can skip the first 2 stages and start from stage 3.

Stage 1. If your is not already configured in outlook, please click on the link below to get the instructions to set it up. If you already are using Outlook you can skip to Stage 2.

Stage 1 – Set Up E-mail with Microsoft Outlook

Stage 2. Export all your emails from using outlook. Follow the instruction on the link below.

Stage 2 – Export ACCT2DAY.ORG to an Outlook Data File

Stage 3. You have exported to your computer. The next step is to import those emails to First let’s make sure you have access to and let’s set it up for the first time. Please follow the instructions on the link below to do so.

Stage 3 – Office 365 ACCT.EDU Email First Time

Stage 4. Configure on Outlook. Follow the instruction on the link below.

Stage 4 – Set up ACCT.EDU email in Outlook

Stage 5. Import your old emails to This procedure can only be done using outlook. Once it is imported you can then check your emails using outlook or the web interface at Follow the instruction on the link below.

Stage 5 – Import ACCT2DAY.ORG emails to ACCT.EDU from an Outlook Data File

Step 6. Once you have done all the above steps, you need to send a request to to configure an auto-responder on your * email. In addition IT will enable any emails send to your old email to be automatically forwarded to your * email.