Scholarships and Grants (Effective Summer Quarter, 2016)

A.C.C.T. is proud to offer several scholarship opportunities to students. To apply for a scholarship, a student must complete the Scholarships, Grants and Awards form and submit it to the office of the Assistant to the President for review and approval.

All scholarship recipients must meet the following conditions:

  • Students cannot have any outstanding balance and/or must be up-to-date with their payment plans.
  • Students must have completed the Accuplacer exam.
  • Students can only apply to one of the following scholarships during his/her program.
  • The Deadline for each scholarship is before the first official day of class.
  • Students cannot combine a scholarship with the ACCT 2016 New CA Campus Financial Assistance Grant.

Additional requirements for specific scholarships are provided below:

PRESIDENTIAL SCHOLARSHIP is available for eligible, full time undergraduate and graduate students who pursue their degree at ACCT and can demonstrate and document financial need due to life changes or unexpected life events.

  • Total Award Amount: $600 a quarter
  • Open to: Undergraduate and Graduate Students
  • Duration: Up to 3 quarters per approval

MERIT SCHOLARSHIP: ACCT rewards exceptionally qualified students with Academic Excellence with a Merit Scholarship in the amount of $500. This scholarship is awarded only one time per program, and is designed for current undergraduate and graduate students who meet the following criteria: – Students must have completed at least 6 courses for graduate or 9 courses for undergraduate – Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.6 – Accuplacer exam has been completed – No “R” or Repeats allowed on transcript

LOYALTY/ CONTINUATION SCHOLARSHIP is available to students who graduated from ACCT and seek to continue a second degree from ACCT. – Total Award Amount: 25% off per class – Open to: Students who graduated from ACCT and pursuing a second degree from ACCT – Duration: Up to program completion ACCT FAMILY SCHOLARSHIP: ACCT proudly supports educational growth for the entire family, and we understand the economic challenges when more than one family member decides to enhance their lives by pursuing this opportunity. The ACCT Family Scholarship program was created to encourage families to study together and not be burdened with overwhelming financial challenges. Criteria to be eligible include: – Immediate family members only (defined in relation as parents, spouse, and siblings) that attend simultaneously. – Official documentation must be presented at time of application proving direct family relationship. If a family member withdraws or is no longer an active student, then the Scholarship will immediately be dropped from the student that remains. Therefore, scholarship must be approved each quarter. Total Award Amount: $200 off each class Open to: Undergraduate and Graduate Students, Full or Part Time Duration: Quarterly

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT GRANT: ACCT believes in making the world a better place, one student at a time. This includes reaching out to students in underdeveloped counties where economic disadvantages may hinder their pursuit of U.S. higher education. The Economic Development Grant is offered to students in the “Top 100 Poorest Countries in the World.”* This on-line only grant is offered to students taking classes while living in one of these countries. If a student moves or changes addresses to a country not outlined in the top 100, then the Grant is automatically surrendered. -Students must apply and provide sufficient documentation of living in defined country. -Students must remain current on their address and inform ACCT of any change of address. ACCT encourages students to finish their studies in the US at one of our campuses in order to complete their degree, as only 50% of classes earned online can be counted toward a program. Total Award Amount: 75% off tuition AND fees Open to: Undergraduate and Graduate Students; Full OR Part Time who are attending online classes while residing in one of the “Top 100 Poorest Countries in the World”* Duration: While residing in one of the designated countries. *”The Poorest Countries in the World” based on GDP (PPP) of a country, as defined by Global Finance Magazine (2015). See the Business Department for a complete list of countries.

MILITARY VETERANS SCHOLARSHIPS: As an appreciation to Veterans of the armed services, ACCT is proud to provide a 25% scholarship to veterans who apply and can show proof of active or previous enrollment in the armed services. This discount applies to the Veteran and immediate family members. – Total Award Amount: 25% off tuition – Open to: Undergraduate and Graduate Students, Full or Part Time – Duration: Up to 4 consecutive quarters