ACCT’s mission is to offer affordable academic undergraduate and graduate degree and non-degree programs designed to help students develop skills and competencies to enhance their professional careers.

Vision Statement

In the twenty-first century, the American College of Commerce & Technology will be a leading regional institution of higher education, offering high quality programs in a nurturing atmosphere where quality is always dictated by the needs of our principal consumers – our students. The College will attract and retain a dedicated, professional staff, and credentialed faculty recognized for expertise in their field and who excel in the art of teaching.


The goals of ACCT are to:

  • Maintain up-to-date curricula which are responsive to the current and future needs of students.
  • Match expected learning outcomes to employer demands and expectations for skill development in students.
  • Match student goals with appropriate programs of study.
  • Employ faculty with experience in both academic and professional fields.
  • Ensure affordability by tailoring scholarships, loan, grants, and financing to match the needs and circumstances of our students.
  • Develop a culture of continuous improvement in the delivery of our mission.